Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ryan Gallagher's solo Exhibition in Hamberg, Germany

01-04-2006 through 02-02-2006

Offical press release to follow eventually. But for now a quick announcement that my (Ryan Gallagher's) artwork of this form will make it's debut in an exclusive engagement with the 3x23 Modern Art Gallery & Internet Cafe in Hamburg, Germany. Limited edition signed and numbered prints will also be available through their eBay store during the month of the exhibition.

For inquiries on this topic please email...
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If you are a member of the camera toss community on be sure to READ THIS THREAD in our forums.

More news on this topic soon...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan! Please, the name of this city is "HambUrg" - thx

Unknown said...

I got it right after this posting... unfortunately blogger has this blog flagged as a "spam-blog" by it's automated system, obviously a mistake. But it means I cannot correct my frequent spelling errors at this moment. :)