Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Camera Toss Inspires Product Design?

I posted a link to this a while ago but figured I'd actually help them out by posting their blog/PR kit. Satugo [www.satugo.com] is a Vienna based product design for a kinetic camera, currently seeking investors. The timing of it's appearance has alot of us at Camera Toss wondering what their inspiration was. ;-)

Bouncing ball Camera SatuGO

“Imagine combining your love for bouncing balls and your obsession for taking pictures into one, now it has a name SatuGO. Simply Throw SatuGO into the motive to catch the moment, where it hits you get a picture, or take air photos by activating the timer before throwing the SatuGO. Other than being a camera SatuGO can act as a mobile storage facility for your personal data and function as a webcam. Help us realize this product by joining the SatuGO mailing list and be one of the first to be offered a SatuGO! chances for realization increases with the amount of people joining the list.“

We are two designers Eschel Jacobsen Industrial designer and Mads Ny Larsen Interactive media designer trying to realize this brainchild, by begging people to enter the SatuGO site herby being part of the birth of this radically new gadget, and at the same time be one of the first to be offered one when it goes into production.

Sincerely yours
Considering I'll be in Vienna very soon, I'll have to look up their office and see if they have a prototype. We also wanted to stress that to really make it interesting they need to provide at least some manual controls over exposure, and facilitate longer exposures. But even with short exposures throwing a bouncy-ball camera is still chance based photography. And I for one, like the idea.


Anonymous said...

It's a nice time to visit Vienna now, with all the chestnut vendors out with their little carts in the city center.

As for Satugo, call me cynical, but I am thinking that the company will really start to attract a large amount investor interest only when they promote the idea of rolling the thing on the ground beneath ladies' skirts.

Unknown said...

Apologies, correction regarding the location of Satugo designers. They are not in Vienna, they are in Copenhagen, Denmark.