Saturday, March 08, 2008

Urbanista: The End (perhaps)

03-08-2008 (by clickykbd)

The Nokia Urbanista Diaries come to an unfortunate end today, as I blog this from my last city, Helsinki, on my last day (heading to the airport shortly). Helsinki feels to be a magical place but 24 hours really is not enough time! I promise this white city of the north that I shall return some day!

Although this is the end of my physical journey, I don't think Nokia is done hosting urbanistas. In my meeting with a few of the team yesterday over lunch (including eating yummy smoked raindeer (sorry Roudolph!)) they indicated many of their international offices now want to start organizing urbanista projects.

I didn't get a chance to write much feedback or stories of the travel on the go, so the next couple weeks I'll be catching my flickr up to date and expounding a little more on the experience here. I'll also populate that page posted earlier with all sorts of geodata goodies. The pace was just too fast to pull it off on the go.

I'll also be trying to organize all my feedback about the N82 and respective applications I was using, as that was one objective of the trial while traveling. On the go I simply concentrated on really getting the most of the camera features.


Tom Mayer said...

This photo looks like ready texture for some cool Shooter's game!

Anonymous said...

nice photo update...........thanks

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