Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Long overdue update...

Despite the inactivity on this blog, yes, I am still traveling with the Nokia Urbanista Diaries project. Due to the pace of my journey and lack of accessible internet in most stops along the way I have not kept up the posting as I thought I might be able to, but the photos are still going up in near real-time on my flickr stream. Definitely the best reference for following along despite my best laid plans to have more interactive alternatives. Unfortunately, the nseries interface seems to have mostly folded due to inadequate planning for the volume of route data and photos it is trying to serve up. Unfortunate because I think I've been posting some pretty nice photos in the 'urbanista' spirit.

I've been to Vienna, Berlin, Milan/Florence, Paris, Bristol. I am now in London (my first day of two here). I was speaking with our organizer at WOMWorld about the problem of blogging while traveling on my journey and looked down at the chalkboard where we had stopped for breakfast. "Free WiFi". Finally!

This evening is scheduled a WOMWorld meetup. I hear they've thrown together quite a spectrum of opportunity for the attendees to explore camera tossing with nseries camera phones. Should be interesting. Read here for details of when and where.

Here's some more photo highlights from the previous cities, (follow through to flickr and click the map links if you want to see where):

02-23-2008 02-23-2008

02-24-2008 02-24-2008

02-26-2008 02-26-2008

02-28-2008 02272008764

03-02-2008 02-23-2008


happy said...

those are really great pictures. :)

KenGiHunter said...

I really love your shots man they are really beautiful.