Saturday, June 16, 2007

Food for Thought (or Art)...

I choose the inputs to the process but I don't choose the combinations, they happen randomly. So that's a different idea for what an artist does. It's also a different idea therefore for what a viewer does. If the viewer is aware that their experience of the thing is unique and not necessarily the same as the artist's experience, I think that puts them in a different position as well.
---Brian Eno
Glad to have Brian Eno as a spokesman for Camera Toss. Just kidding of course... but substitute "viewer" for "participant" in that paragraph and he might as well have been! Either his the words perfectly describe part of the way I feel about all this.

Here's a camera toss by Right Brain where the inputs are some deck chairs and a porch facade

Day Toss, originally uploaded by Right Brain.

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