Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cool Concepts: Human Powered Digital Cameras

The first post in what will eventually be a series. Great concepts I've encountered online... hopefully most having to do with media, art, and photography... but not promising I won't stray from that theme.

So the "crank/shake/generally-perturb" devices designed with energy generation coming from the user, such as the hand crank radios, the eventual laptop for 3rd world countries have finally hit home in an area I pay attention to.

Seen on the Make: Blog, a camera you never have to charge or replace the batteries in!

Sony is behind this product. And personally, I WANT ONE. Although it's a good thing I am not too into nature photography. I can't imagine this thing is very "silent". *imagines the whirrrring sound of the charging mechanism as you spin it around on your fingers* Maybe they could alter it to match at least one animal's mating call.

Translated version of original article, with more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Hadn't seen this before. I could see this being a very popular consumer item.
- Paul @