Tuesday, February 20, 2007

After a long hiatus...

It is about time I devote some more attention to this blog... although really really inactive of late... that hasn't stopped all the camera tossing from proceeding at a steady clip.

The reason for the inactivity is I've been distracted by work, life, and traditional photography for a while. Been shooting alot of b&w film myself and got my own daily photo-blog up and running for sharing some of it. I'm even on the verge of purchasing a darkroom setup I found on craigslist last week. But don't fear... I haven't forsaken the art of throwing my cheaper cameras... and have reason to do so again. It has been many months for me personally but you should see some new ones soon.

I have a few announcements i'll be posting to this blog soon, and I should have some new photo pool pics up by the end of the day. Thank you everyone who has commented inquiring as to the inactivity... I'm still here... and Camera Toss, as a concept, is alive and well!

But as with any post... here's an image from the photo pool to wet your appetite. A little bit of theory too... as we've been discussing the effect of focal plane shutter distortion as exhibited by CCD and CMOS cameras that operate without a physical shutter. Perhaps a new term is called for? I suggest "Focal Plane Sensor Distortion", because if you pay attention it is not quite as simple as the slit-scan shutter induced phenomenon. Each pixel is recorded individually in time, not a slit or row at a time. We've constantly seen examples of the effect due to the extreme motion involved in a thrown camera. I've since become fascinated with it and am planning my own explorations of it. Food for thought, and experimentation!

DSC00564 (by tossthecam)
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