Friday, February 24, 2006

Attempt at catching up...

Just a posting to say I've been way behind on keeping up with this blog, and the developments in the Camera Toss community due to my exhibition in Hamburg, Germany... and the travelling I've been doing on the side.

I just wanted to say, after having reviewed the photo pool finally for some new pool picks postings, I'm very impressed with the work of the community of late. Several people have latched onto the idea and taken it in some very new directions. I'll be attempting to highlight some of this work in the coming postings. I have a week to rest in Wien (Vienna) before returning to the gallery and eventually home to Austin.

If you include press coverage of the exhibition, our "in the press" side-bar element is also extremely dated now. It seems like I couldn't walk without stepping on a journalists toes!

Keep inspiring and exploring new worlds!
Ryan Gallagher

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Wallpaper said...

This story is superb! Everyones impressed over hear!