Monday, November 05, 2007

Workshop was a success...

The two workshop sessions at the Festival della Creativita were a success... everyone had a great time, cameras were thrown with gusto, and no incidents to report of damaged equipment.

Here's some (albeit bad flash photography) documentation, and a few tosses I produced as examples during the interactive element. I also have a couple video clips that I'll post later.

Mid Camera Toss @ Festival Della Creativita (by You)
Mid Camera Toss @ Festival Della Creativita (by clickykbd) Logo Swinging Camera @ Festival Della Creativita (by clickykbd) Workshop Group @ Festival Della Creativita (by clickykbd) Camera Tosser Grin @ Festival Della Creativita (by clickykbd)

In the above you'll notice two boxes of "packing peanuts"... this was our mechanism for catching cameras safely, and it worked quite well. If you've been wanting to try this I highly recommend it for beginners. Some in the community have suggested the boxes were dangerously small, but most participants turned out to have a fair degree of accuracy once they got used to lobbing their cameras towards something.

during workshop (by clickykbd)
during workshop (by clickykbd) during workshop (by clickykbd) during workshop (by clickykbd) during workshop (by clickykbd)

And some photos taken by others of the workshop, the first of which is myself during the lecture portion:

camera_toss_workshop02 (by IMG_6299 (by
logu_camera_toss_03 (by logu) logu_camera_toss_01 (by logu)

Cosimo Brunetti, a friend of Lorenzo, also produced this cute cartoon for the signs that pointed the way to the workshop space.

tosser_02 (by logu)

Thanks to Lorenzo and everyone else involved in making the event and trip to Italy happen. I didn't get to see much of the festival myself due to workshops, but the last day I did walk around in the evening, will share some photos I took that day later.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there... It would have been a great opportunity for anyone to go a learn how to do camera tossing hands on. Heres an idea: I think someone should make an instructional how to video on camera tossing and post it on youtube.