Saturday, May 06, 2006

reviewed: Sony CyberShot DSC-P51

Camera tossing specific product review.
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Sony Cybershot DSC-P51 by mollieollieollie
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examples on (DSC-P52 Model)
*Fixed lens (no moving parts) so no bumping problems
*Difficult to switch off accidentally
*Off-center lens
*Up to 2 second exposure on night mode
*Manual focus settings allow you to trick the camera into a long exposure by holding it to your hand
*Easy to catch

*Hitting "OK" is difficult, especially for deleting
*Shutter sticks (open or closed sometimes)
*I've heard it is common for the LCD to break (go black), although mine hasn't
*Shuts down sometimes before saving the picture, usually only when the battery is starting to run down
*Weird colors sometimes regardless of white balance, although I haven't experienced anything weird with night tosses
*Somewhat largeish (although its build is a large part of what makes it so easy to catch)
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