Wednesday, March 29, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 18

My exhibition in Hamburg, Germany is finally over (closed March 27th) and most of the pending press inquiries are behind me. Finally have time to post some more highlights from the community photo pool. The following photos have been posted since the last issue. I continue to be duely impressed by the creativity of many community members, some wonderful examples here...

Photo Selections

Photo Credits (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
raggedj, _Nod, richmanwisco, El Ray
ncongrunt, garrylokehw, iDanSimpson, El Ray
tknb, jason., fiveinchpixie, marce_garal
quinet, mappamundi, tknb
mappamundi, NUCO, Crochunter, Donovan Kinney
Brian in Cleveland, El Ray, El Ray

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gwen. said...

eiholy smoking.
those tossing are wicked.
might wanna try it out myself!