Monday, December 26, 2005

tribute to holiday lights... way of camera tossing. The community has had plenty of wonderful light sources to play with thanks to the holiday season. Here are just some of their photographs. Plenty more opportunity before all the decorations come down!

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
clickykbd, clickykbd, TaGurit(SS/NB) ><>
Xurble, flickrwegian, _Nod
Corgi_T, michgm, phrenophile
mollye mo, ctweller, adrianadesigner
mappamundi, madesigns, grizzly_lightning
milkfish, ctweller, JakeInVan
phrenophile, quinet, variable resistance
clickykbd, clickykbd, scienceduck
ohchicken, mappamundi, sadogre
Corgi_T, Corgi_T, clickykbd

And one that got the amazing circles treatment by Corgi_T:

Whatever form your holidays take, I and the community wish you the best of them!


Anonymous said...

Just been experimenting with camera tossing myself and have discovered that underwater camera tossing, with a waterproof casing around a simple camera is bringing out encouraging effects. I've been using cold water with a colour dye, no flash and a couple of maglites in the bath. try it?

Cie Cheesemeister said...

The big one reminds me of those old "spirographs." Remember those?
Even though the holidays are cheesy and commercialized, the beautiful lights remind me of the magic that's supposed to be there. These pictures capture that magic too.